How did the polls do (final outcome)?

Special votes have been counted, so we can now see how all the polls and poll-of-polls performed against the official election result. You can find the detailed comparisons in this Google doc. Again, well done Reid Research – outstanding job and huge improvement over 2014.  Both established public polls, despite employing very different approaches, were […]

Analytics and the upcoming election

Last year I wrote an article ‘The Future of Polling in New Zealand‘ for InterView, the Research Association of New Zealand’s magazine. I talked about how conventional polls still work in New Zealand, for now, but eventually methods will need to change. One promising avenue is data analytics. Given the right combination of data and […]

Growing your public sector research portfolio

Having spent over a decade in the private sector pitching for social research (and winning!), and now a year as a client, I’ve discovered a few things it might be helpful to know if you plan to grow your public sector client base. I’ve written the points below from a client perspective, but many of […]

Why the polls get things wrong

Just posted this in reply to an article on LinkedIn. Thought it could also go here… Folks trying to explain polls often seem to look for one or two sources of error. Even the UK polling enquiry seemed to be looking for that ‘one big thing’ and appeared to discount small issues that could have made a […]