What proportion of NZ households have a landline telephone? (Update)

An update on a previous post.

Statistics New Zealand recently released results from the Household Use of Information and Communication Technology survey. This is a high quality survey of about 15,000 private households and about 30,000 individuals each quarter. Surveys are carried mostly face-to-face and some are carried our via telephone.

Results show that 87% of households have a landline telephone (sampling error on this result is +/- .94 percentage points).

If we assume that around 2% of households do not have a landline telephone or a cell phone, this would mean that around 11% of households are ‘cell phone only households’. I think it was  probably around 6% in 2006, so this is an increase. In my view 11% is too small a percentage to warrant including cellphone only households in telephone surveys – results for that 11% of households would need to be dramatically different from other households for this proportion to have much of an impact on a survey estimate (related post here).

Also, I’m not sure of the proportion of individuals who have a landline phone, which is useful when estimating non-coverage of landline telephone surveys. You could pay for a custom order from Stats NZ, but it probably makes more sense to wait for the Census results.

Also interesting, 80% of households now have internet access of some kind (sampling error of +/- .98 percentage points), up from 75% in 2009. This is a bit lower that I had assumed.


One thought on “What proportion of NZ households have a landline telephone? (Update)

  1. Would be interesting to know what mobile only actually means in terms of acces re responding to a survey- they are not mostly ‘always on’ like land lines – perhaps a fair chunk are sitting in cupboards or turned off a lot?

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