Hurrah! A proper GCSB poll!

Emanuel Kalafatelis has just been on Radio NZ – Research NZ did a proper random poll of New Zealanders about the GCSB bill.

In the past the Government Communications Security Bureau, the GCSB, has not been permitted to monitor New Zealand residents. A law comes into force shortly that will allow the GCSB to monitor residents as well as non-residents.

Are you in favour or not in favour of the GCSB being allowed to do this?

  • 52% – not in favour
  • 36% – in favour
  • 11% – unsure

Note: This question does not measure how strongly people hold their view – either in favour or not in favour. It measures how many people hold each view.

Thank you Research NZ!

EDIT: Link to Emanuel reporting on the results here. Starts at around 8 minutes.

EDIT: Research NZ's report here. Seems a bit odd to group Maori and Pacific people together. I appreciate that doing this makes the sub-sample larger, but huh?

[I'll be grabbing my popcorn for the result of the Campbell Live poll 🙂 ].



5 thoughts on “Hurrah! A proper GCSB poll!

  1. Interesting and probably a reasonable reflection of opinion, but a couple of points.

    It’s debatable whether that question properly reflects the current versus proposed law.

    And many of those opposed base their views on claims of widely varying accuracy/inaccuracy.

  2. You’re right! People don’t understand the bill very well or the implications of it. You could do an entire survey about opinions on this bill, and every nuance of it. This is just one question. Still, it’s more useful than the Campbell Live poll.

  3. As I said on radio, only 52% against is lower than I would have picked for the question asked. If the question had been about allowing the GCSB to assist the SIS and Police if they have a warrant signed by a Judge, then what might it have been?

    1. Yeah – surprised me too. I’d love to see results from a question asking people to rank a bunch of issues, including the GCSB bill, in order of importance to them personally.

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