“The only poll that matters is the one on Election Day.”

An example today of why this statement is untrue.

From TVNZ:

David Shearer has resigned as Labour Party leader.

He told a press conference at 1.30pm he had informed his caucus of the decision a few minutes ago.

Mr Shearer said his resignation will be effective once a new leader is elected.

It had been his privilege to lead the party for the last 20 months and he was proud of what had been achieved.

But he said Labour needs to do more “and we haven’t had the lift we need.”

He said he doesn’t have the support of many colleagues.

“I no longer have the full confidence of many of my caucus colleagues and I believe it is better that I step down so we can have a clean change to a new leader who can take Labour through to victory in 2014.

Good polls do more than take snap-shots of voter sentiment. They can tell us what voters want, or don’t want. They can us tell what people different to ourselves think about things. They can help elected members decide when it’s time for change, and leaders decide when it might be time to go.

I like David Shearer. I see him as a smart person; in some ways maybe a bit too smart. I don’t think he was the right person to lead the Labour Party, so in my view this was a good decision. I’m a bit sad for him though.


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