How to explain that poll?

Heh… I’d add ‘the pollsters are corrupt and have connections to the National Party.’

Imperator Fish

unreliablepollEver wondered what to make of that political poll that just didn’t work for you? Are you losing the faith? Are you in crisis? Are you starting to think that your party’s fortunes are on the decline?

Don’t let it get you down, because help is at hand!

Below are some recommendations and observations to help you deal with an inconvenient political poll.

  • Remember that it’s all about the trend, rather than any individual poll. The trend will show that your team is winning! Remember that the trend can be as long or as short as you need it to be in order to prove your point. For example, did you know that National has won fifteen of the last twenty-two general elections? That’s a winning trend! Labour won three of the last five. Trend!
  • Is your team doing badly? Have you considered disregarding altogether some of the polls? Work…

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