How Internet/Mana will appear on the ballot

I received this email from the very helpful folks at the Electoral Commission today:

It appears that the proposal is for Internet and Mana parties to retain their status as registered parties, but a new umbrella party will be formed called ‘Internet Mana’. The Mana and Internet parties will be component parties of Internet Mana.

The new umbrella party must apply to be registered and must include a declaration that it has component parties. The umbrella party, as part of its application, will need to meet the requirements for registration, including providing evidence that it has 500 current financial members. The new party may also register a new logo for the umbrella party. This would need to be completed before writ day for the election which is 20 August 2014.

The umbrella party will contest the party vote by submitting a Party List. The Party will need to file a statutory declaration regarding its component parties. The Party List may include candidates from each of the component parties. In the electorates, we understand that the individual component parties will stand candidates. Electorate candidates are listed on the right side of the ballot paper alphabetically by surname with their party name underneath. Immediately opposite them on the party vote side of the paper their party appears if their party is contesting the party vote. If Internet and Mana candidates stand under the component party name the party vote side of the ballot next to their candidate’s name will be blank as the component party is not contesting the party vote. After all of the parties that are standing candidates are listed next to their candidate, the remaining parties that are not standing a candidate are listed alphabetically. This is where on the party vote side of the ballot paper, Internet Mana will appear.

For the purposes of determining eligibility for list seats a party must win either a constituency seat or 5 percent of the total number of party votes. Under the Electoral Act, for the purposes of determining whether an umbrella party has won a constituency seat, a winning candidate that stood for a component party of that umbrella party can be counted as long as the component party did not contest the party vote.

I trust this helps with your questions. I should note that at this stage, the Commission has been advised of the proposal but no application for registration has yet been made.


8 thoughts on “How Internet/Mana will appear on the ballot

    1. Heh – no worries. I was mainly questioning how both lists would appear on the ballot, but I thought their answer was really comprehensive (so worth blogging).

      1. I presume they won’t stand candidates from both parties in one electorate.

        It will depend on where they are on the candidate list alphabetically as to how far below (and in the left column) the umbrella party will be listed, also alphabetic.

        In Te Tai Tokerau in 2011 Harawira was the second of four candidates listed. On that paper Internet Mana would have been tenth, after the Green Party. Labour was top of the list.

        I wonder if the separation will affect the likelihood of two ticks for Harawira/Internet-Mana.

      2. Yeah I was thinking along these lines too. I wonder if some Internet Party or Mana Party supporters wont be familiar with Internet-Mana when they see the ballot.

  1. Thanks Andrew. So do you think in party debates they will be allowed three representives….or will Hone be allowed to answer questions twice and Harre once? I imangine they`ll be considering standing electrorate MPs under IMP to get the party higher in the list. Have we seen the IMP logo yet? Cheers

    1. Hey – that’s a good question about debates. I’m not sure what they would do. Take turns perhaps?

      Haven’t seen a logo yet – when they register they will have to supply one.

      I’m assuming they’ll stand electorate MPs under the component parties – I think I heard somewhere that their agreement ends shortly after the election. I’m not sure of the details though.

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