Paul Little’s article about Kiwimeter. How ironic.

I’m not defending Kiwimeter here, but this article in the Herald today is devoid of any understanding, at all, of survey research design, and how social scientists measure internal constructs (values, attitudes, and beliefs).

Seriously. Did the writer call one academic or researcher who designs these surveys, to find out even a little about how they work and what they’re measuring?

(In case you missed it in my earlier post, here is an explanation.)

The irony is the writer is suggesting the researcher designers are ill informed.

There is an entire discipline called psychometrics. It dates right back to the 1950s, when researchers were trying to understand the atrocities carried out during WWII. At the time, it was suggested there existed an authoritarian personality type – a stable trait leading to blind subservience to authority figures. The science has come a long way since then. Psychometrics is used to measure a whole range of things that aren’t easily observable, and that can’t be measured using a single question.


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