Are we down to three polls in NZ?

So, DigiPoll has shut up shop, and I haven’t seen a poll out of Fairfax in a long time.

Are we down to just three polls now? (Newshub, ONE News, and Roy Morgan.)

This is not good at all, if true. With less data, it’s harder to develop new methodological and analytical approaches to polling. 


2 thoughts on “Are we down to three polls in NZ?

  1. Shame about Herald-DigiPoll. And quite surprising.

    I’d be a little cautious about the exact status of Fairfax, though. In the past, they’ve been very erratic in their polling.

    During the Clark Govt’s Second Term. Fairfax only started polling 3 months out from the 2005 General Election.

    During Clark’s Third Term, they recommenced polling in Sep 2007 (just over a year out from the 2008 Election).

    Key’s First Term – Fairfax start polling just 4 months out from 2011 Election.

    Key’s Second Term – Fairfax recommences middle of first full year (2012), more than 2 years before 2014 Election.

    So, for all we know, they may have reverted to their earlier modus operandi.

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